Yvonne Liu – Writer and Memoirist

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Left to be Found in a Stairwell in Hong Kong. Adoptee. Trauma and Cancer Survivor.

I’ve written other people’s stories for years. It was time to tell mine. I distilled my adoption story to a 98-word piece for the New York Times Tiny Love Stories section that published in the newspaper and online in June, 2021.

Someone found me on a Hong Kong staircase and then I lived in an orphanage for 15 months where I was malnourished and anemic. A Chinese American couple adopted me based on three photos. Through resilience and sheer determination, I survived an emotionally and physically abusive childhood to forge a better future: fulfilling writing life, MBA from a top program, decades-long marriage and three great young adult kids.

June 21, 2021 New York Times Print Edition

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