Adoptee. Childhood Trauma Survivor.

Adoptee. Childhood Trauma Survivor.

Netflix’s ‘Beef’ Shows Why Perfectionism is Damaging

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I don’t know if you’ve watched Netflix’s Beef starring Ali Wong, but it’s quite a ride. It starts with a crazy road rage incident between two people. On the surface, Wong’s character Amy appears to have it all, but beneath the surface, there are cracks that cause her to fester in frustration and suppressed rage. Amy’s anger explodes on Danny, the driver she chased through the streets of Los Angeles.

As the two engage in an escalating feud, we see why Amy feels she can only show her true self to a stranger.

Like Amy, I grew up in a tumultuous household. Our experiences turned us into anxious people who feel we need to hide our true feelings from loved ones. We both thought our parents’ love was conditional.

Here is my essay in Salon about Beef and how it speaks to many women juggling multiple roles and pressures.

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