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Adoptee. Childhood Trauma Survivor. Memoir-in-Progress

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Adoptee. Childhood Trauma Survivor. Memoir-in-Progress

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I Kept My Family’s Secret for over 60 years

To everyone else, we looked like the perfect family. No one outside our home knew what we knew.



“Maid” Reminds Me of My Mentally Ill Mother

Children of mentally ill parents are often forgotten. The trauma of living with such a parent can reverberate for decades. It did for me.


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I Battled Shame About Mental Health

As an Asian American, I believed there was stigma and shame surrounding mental health.


Everyone Loves Raymond

TV Show Reminds Me of My Family Dysfunction

Most people watch "Everyone Loves Raymond" and smile. As I binged the beloved sitcom in anticipation of its 25th anniversary, I cried.


Yvonne Liu posing with flower

Why Cancer Stigma for Asian Americans is so Dangerous

For 28 years, I kept my breast cancer a secret. I lived in fear that my Chinese-American friends would shun me if I told them what I had endured.


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My Mother Snagged My Husband

“What are your intentions?” My mother asked the handsome Chinese-American man when he brought me home after our fourth date.

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Teresa Sun

Cultural Expert

Eight-year-old Teresa Sun played blissfully on a bridge in China, oblivious to the danger her family faced.

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Liza Katzer

‘Ted Lasso’ Emmy-winning producer succeeds her way

The Hollywood Reporter Named Liza Katzner a “35 Rising Executives 35 and Under.”


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Mental Health Shame & Stigma

I kept my mental health struggles secret for over thirty years.